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Working in design and textiles for fifteen years , and educated in Madrid, Paris and one of the most prestigious schools, Central Saint Martin’s School of Art and Design in London,  Lidia Muro honours the culture and heritage through the products she creates. 


As head of Textiles and Accessories at Istituto Europeo di Design and trained at high end labels such as Stella McCartney, Givenchy and, even Céline, Lidia decided that she wanted to translate not only the knowledge she had obtained over these years, but the contemporary aesthetics and art from the early 30’s that had inspired her greatly into the creation of high quality leather goods that will last in your wardrobe forever.


With a taste for aesthetics and culture, Lidia’s love led her all over the world from Uzbekistan to Japan, Peru and Senegal, embracing the much loved heritage spirit.


The RIVIERA collection embodies a classic and timeless style. Known for her Avant-Garde approach, Lidia's true beauty of her products comes from the functionality of her bags that are foldable and crafted with high quality leather with the distinctiveness of a unique colour combination.


Her signature stripes are decorated across the entire collection. The stripes represent the atmosphere of a 1930’s beach holiday and the international movement in architecture from the 40’s.


Lidia enjoys experimenting with textures and materials ranging from various kinds of leather to soft tulle. Whilst playing with the materials, Lidia strives to keep her products looking classic and sophisticated. This leaves Lidia with never ending design opportunities and space to grow her name and brand. Therefore, whatever the look or occasion, there will be the perfect Lidia Muro bag. 


Lidia Muro’s style can be distinguished as slightly nostalgic; looking at the past with a taste of the future.



With sustainability being an important factor for Lidia in both her designs and personal life, She focuses on as one could say ‘Luxury with a conscience’. The use of leather remnants by Lidia Muro to create limited edition designs and the result?, Zero waste leather.


Lidia Muro focuses on ethical and sustainable practices. She celebrates every process and minute elements involved in the production of every item.

Lidia wants to make an impact not only in the fashion industry but also on the reservation of our beautiful planet and hopes to further improve the sustainability of her products in the future.


Supporting manufacturer artisans, the Lidia Muro bags are hand crafted in Ubrique which is also known as the ‘heaven of leather’ by leather goods experts.

The secrets of Ubrique leather have been passed on from generation to generation for over 200 years.

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